Our Mission


Our mission is to share the benefits of the unique New Zealand honey our bees produce as a part of our family’s values, culture and way of life. By doing so, we hope that the next generation has the opportunity to remain as connected to the land and each other as we are.


We believe in ethically produced goods.
This means meticulously caring for our hives, the environment, and the people we work with.

We believe in sustainability for the future generations.
We are passionate about the health and nutrition of our hives, the preservation of New Zealand’s native bush, and the care of our pastures.

We believe in integrity and transparency.
We are in full control of our honey from hive management to extraction and work closely with the family-owned business that packages our honey so we can guarantee that our honey is exactly what the label says it is – 100% pure raw New Zealand goodness – free of sprays, antibiotics, sugar syrup, additives, and has not been excessively heated at any stage as we get it from our hives into your jar.

We believe good business is built on enduring personal relationships. 
Prioritising relationships is at the core of our approach as we work with family, friends, fellow beekeepers and landowners and ensure that everyone is paid fairly for their role in producing the high quality of Nāhana honey.