Our Story

belonging to him or her

Nāhana means ‘belonging to him or her’ and so at Nāhana Beekeeping we believe in building on what has been passed down to us from previous generations to benefit our community and leave an even better legacy for our children and the generations to follow.

“Stewardship is protecting and being responsible for something worth caring for and preserving”​

Nāhana Beekeeping is a family business built on strong relationships and a commitment to sustainability that is reflected in the care of our hives and the quality of honey they produce.

Our journey started when Mike unexpectedly met Tanya while he was farming back in 2011. As it turned out they made a great team so a couple of years later Mike began searching for a way that the land he grew up on and loved could support the growing numbers and needs of their multi-generational family. Knowing the rugged Mānuka-covered ranges of the farm, beekeeping was a natural and complimentary choice. In 2013, we took the plunge and bought our first 50 hives. We now have 1,000 hives and have expanded to include our parents, siblings, children, cousins, and friends. And with a growing team comes growing possibilities, making Nāhana the collaborative business it is today with a commitment to ethically producing the high quality goodness that fills each jar of Nāhana Honey.

We are based in Whangamata where we harvest our seriously delicious Native honey from the peninsula’s expanse of natural New Zealand bush. And each season we head down to Mike’s family farm in the Makakahi Valley near Mt. Ruapehu for our bees to forage on the highly active Mānuka flowers that cloak the untouched ranges of this remote area.

At Nāhana we believe in doing our best at whatever we put our hand to and operate from deep values of honesty, fairness and blessing others in whatever way we can along the way. This desire to pass on blessings is fundamental to us as stewards of what we have received and so we hope your life is better with a little, or a lot, of Nāhana sweet honey goodness in it.

Mike and Tanya Ward​

"Learn How our honey is tested"

Honey can only be certified as Mānuka when it meets the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) 5 attributes