Our Operation

Built on strong relationships

True to the meaning of Nāhana, our core principle of stewardship brings a responsibility, transparency and accountability that are evident in all aspects of our operation. We sustainably manage our hives and always endeavour to ensure mutual benefit for everyone involved from our team members to the landowners we work with. Over the years, we have cultivated strong enduring relationships with the farmers and landowners that home our hives, treating every site with the respect and knowledge that comes from years of being farmers and landowners ourselves. Additionally, we offer pollination services to kiwifruit and avocado orchards in such a way that caters to each owner’s specific requirements to ensure maximum benefit to their seasonal crop.

Too Tiki Honey Extraction

Initially limited to honey production and pollination services, the possibilities of our operation expanded hugely when in 2018 Tanya’s brother, Daniel and his partner Inge, built an extraction plant. In addition to extracting our own honey, Too Tiki Honey Extraction offers contract extraction to beekeepers in the surrounding area. Combining these two divisions of our operation is Nāhana – the umbrella brand through which we supply honey directly from our hives into your jar.

Attention to detail

One word that comes to mind for anyone who has worked with Mike and Daniel for any length of time is ‘meticulous’. This means that excellence is the standard of every aspect of our operation. We care for our hives in a way that minimally impacts the bees’ regular activity and in turn benefits the environment. Once harvested, the honey is thoroughly extracted with punctuality to ensure the honey is as pristine as when it came off the hive. It is this attention to detail and dedication to quality that is reflected in each spoonful of Nāhana honey.

"Learn How our honey is tested"

Honey can only be certified as Mānuka when it meets the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) 5 attributes